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Macduff MD Group, an independent BEE entity, specialises in the supply of stationery, Office furniture, Office consumable and allied products throughout South Africa. We offer professional and efficient service to all our customers, large and small, and all items, subject to availability, are promptly delivered to our account customers free of charge.


We like customers to look at us as not just a supplier, but as a multi-faceted business that offers our retail and account customers a fully comprehensive range of products and services. And of course we understand that sometimes those non-standard requirements, come with a tight deadline, so… let us help you.


Macduff MD Group also offers other services except office furniture, office consumable and stationery. Small or large, and our customers can be confident that our products are priced right. By seeing ourselves as a partner to our clients, we will always strive to find the most cost effective solution to keep our clients happy… and more so… happy with us.


Welcome To Macduff MD Group 

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